What is a Life Settlement?

A Life Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy that in turn results in a cash payment to the policyholder larger than the original cash surrender value of the policy.

If you are are 65 or older, and have a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, that you are certain you will no longer need, you may be able to turn that old policy into cash. Cash to supplement your retirement income, to enjoy the rest of your life, to take care of medical expenses, or in some cases, assistance may be required for funding assisted living residence, nursing home or other long term care facility or buy long-term health insurance.

Bronson Brokerage looks at life insurance as an asset, as saleable as your house or stocks and bonds. We can work with you directly, or with your broker or financial advisor to help you get the most you can out of your old policy.

Life settlements are an important development in that they have opened a secondary market for life insurance in which policy owners can access fair market value for their policies, rather then accepting the lower cash surrender value, if any, from the issuing life insurance company.

Life Settlement Solutions

Bronson Brokerage's approach to life settlements is to establish a true market value, through the competitive bidding process of multiple institutional investors. From the beginning we counsel the policy owner during the evaluation and bidding process. There's no pressure, only information and guidance to assist the client in achieving a profitable conclusion.

Every life settlement should be a "win-win" transaction for the policy owner and the institutional investor. The policy owner receives more value then can be obtained by surrendering the policy to the life insurance carrier and the institutional investor can achieve desirable returns without the disadvantages of more volatile investments. Life settlements are not affected by inflation, world events, or economic conditions and are backed by an asset with risks that are known and manageable.

How can I be assured that I am receiving the highest offer (price) for my insurance policy?

It is important to have an accurate evaluation of the market value of your policy before you release your policy to a life settlement broker, or the marketplace of qualified buyers. After you obtain the estimated fair market value, it is then important to verify that your life settlement broker is receiving multiple offers, from the large institutional buyers as this will lead you to obtain the highest price for the sale of your policy. To accomplish this, always ask to be notified when a new offer is received and request the amount of that offer.

A Life insurance appraisal can be completed in a few minutes by answering a few basic questions about your policy, age and health. You will not be required to enter personal information. To begin your life insurance appraisal, click here.

Real Client Cases

Below are a few examples of clients that have benefited from the sale of unnecessary life insurance. Life Settlements from Bronson Brokerage ~ Start Living!

Client Policy/Face Amount Cash Value Our Settlement
Male, Age 68 Universal Life / $5,000,000 $311,000 $1,335,000
Male, Age 70 15 Year Term / $1,500,000 $0 $396,000
Male, Age 72 Universal Life / $1,000,000
Minimum premium
$0 $332,000
Male, Age 67 Universal Life / $400,000
$17,000 $121,000
Male, Age 68 Universal Life / $800,000
$65,000 $249,000
Male, Age 65 10 Year Term / $600,000 $0 $145,000
Male, Age 70 10 Year Term / $1,000,000 $0 $310,000
Male, Age 65 15 Year Term / $2,000,000 $0 $444,000
Male, Age 65 30 Year Term / $500,000 $0 $110,000
Male, 75 Universial Life / $5,000,000
$73,000 $1,300,000
Male, 71 Universial Life / $2,500,000
$40,000 $600,000
Male, 70 Universial Life / $3,000,000
$86,000 $870,000