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Find the hidden value in your term insurance.

Did you know that less than 3% of all term insurance in force results in a death claim? Most term insurance is not converted, but ends up being lapsed. Turn your death benefits into life benefits, and find the hidden value in your term insurance by requesting a free appraisal from Bronson Brokerage.

Until recently, the owner of an unneeded or unwanted policy had two options - sell/surrender the policy back to the institution that issued it for its cash surrender value (if any) or allow the policy to lapse.

Now however, there is a third alternative: Life Settlement.

Life Settlement is the sale or assignment of a life insurance policy to an institutional investor for a lump sum cash payment.

The buyer of the policy becomes the policyowner, assuming the responsibility for paying future premiums and also becoming the policy’s beneficiary.

Considering a life settlement as an option is a prudent choice as a 2006 study concluded that "Last year, for instance, insurance companies reduced their financial exposure by $1.1 trillion when 19.8 million policyholders stopped paying premiums, according to the Insurance Information Institute. In comparison, the industry paid death benefits on only 2.2 million policies."*

Using a knowledgeable and independent expert to access this secondary market is also an intelligent choice.

Life Settlement Market Facts